Chicken to Hug [CD]

Caedmon are a folk rock band formed in 1973 and originally based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their farewell concert in 1978 was marked by a limited vinyl album release which became a collector's item.

In 2008, the band got together and over the next 24 months, wrote and recorded a full collection of new songs for the album 'A Chicken to Hug'.

But what's most important - I'm in the band!

Track Listing:

  1. Peace in the Fire
  2. Still Here
  3. Bonnie Boy
  4. 4 Winds Blow
  5. Waltzing Home
  6. Time Flies
  7. Take it Away
  8. Old Enough to Know Better
  9. Childless
  10. Ouagadougou
  11. Elephant
  12. Old Kings
Price: £10.00