Comment spam - password (required) 2

On the 23rd December, I announced a simple but effective spam-blocking device for comments on the blog using a password system. See Comment spam - password (required).

I finished the post with the rhetorical question:

"Let’s see how long it lasts…"

Well it lasted for almost two weeks folks. In the past 24 hours, this quiet little backwater of the web has been hit repeatedly by comments attempting to promote a porno web site.

Ah well, I've just taken the easy route and disabled commenting on all posts. At this stage in the project, comments on my progress are fairly irrelevant, as my regular readers can attest (that's why the blog is virually devoid of comments y'see?).

But I'm hoping that when I start publishing new music on the site after the retreat, visitors will be able to comment on the tunes. At the moment, that doesn't seem possible.

I'm hoping that WordPress 1.5 (currently in development) will bring some sort of solution. Let's hope they bring out a stable public version soon...