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    Goodbye Wordpress Hello Complicated

    Let's be honest. If it's not complicated, it's probably not worth it. Time to upgrade the web site.

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  • 200915January

    Podcast tests - test your server kit

    Having spent some time developing the code for testing servers to see whether they support Wordpress podcasting, I've decided to pass on the script in the hope that it helps some other confused folk out there. You can download it here.

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  • 200831December

    Podcast tests - conclusion

    Well, a few more tests out of the public eye, some dialogue with my current host Heart Internet and the support of the author of

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  • 200815December

    Podcast tests

    A bunch of mind-numbing tests will now follow, as we try and work out which culprit is breaking the RSS podcast feed.

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  • 200806December

    Site Update (3): Broken feeds

    Sorry - the site upgrade was going so well, but now I've discovered that my RSS feed links are broken.

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  • 200824November

    Site Update (2)

    Well, the site update has gone as well as can be expected. Some of the images may be missing and some internal links broken but I'm working my way through them so don't panic.

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  • 200822November

    Site update

    The site is being updated - sorry if there are any glitches.

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  • 200619January

    Bernie Hot Hot

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

    Bernie Hot Hot was the name of the band I formed in 1987, and of all the bands I've joined or formed, it was the band most likely to etc.

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  • 200511March

    Wordpress admin CSS - updated

    A few months ago, I tweaked the Wordpress admin css file because I wasn't keen on the Georgia typeface and disliked the menu styling (

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  • 200525February

    Hey - let's comment!

    Yup - with the installation of Wordpress 1.5 up and running I've enabled comments again.

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