• saxophone, blues harmonicas and a glass of wine on a pub table

    Musical intuition meets the blues

    As regular readers will have read previously in this erratic chronicle (you can take alliteration too far. Ed.), I’ve really enjoyed playing solo over the last couple of years.

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  • Night time street outside Strange Brew with A board advertising Open Mic.

    The Strange Brew Sessions EP

    Impossibly catchy, clever songs in this first solo release from James Bisset, longstanding member of cult folk-rock group Caedmon.

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  • Photograph of South Ayrshire from the top of a mountain
    I can see our house from here!

    And then we moved to Scotland

    For years, my day job was building and managing websites. At night, I jammed and recorded, wrote tunes and played guitar but I earned my living designing, coding and developing for the web.

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  • James Bisset singing on stage at Gullivers NQ
    AcousticAid, Manchester 2017. Image copyright © Barnabas Mersich Media


    I was in Scotland recently, and bought a copy of the Sunday Herald, for a while there the only newspaper to support Scottish independence.

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  • Close up of the RGX A2 showing the name, two pickups bridge and two controls

    Yamaha RGX A2

    Yamaha are consistently underrated by the fan-boys. So here's a review of one of their more inventive recent guitars.

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  • silver mic in black background

    Open Mic night 2

    A couple of months ago I wrote about the importance of Open Mic nights for the development of your writing and performing skills.

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  • Heavily pixelated picture of James Bissset's face and a guitar head

    Groove ain’t got no algorithm

    Being an anal sort of fellow, I group the various music apps on my iPhone into a ‘Play’ folder for all the tools that are supposed to help me create, and a ‘Listen’ folder for all the apps I can us

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  • Sandwich Board outside pub announces 'Open Mic Night'

    Open Mic Night

    For most of 2016, I've been playing once a week, three songs at a time in my very own local bar. It's been a revelation.

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  • previous web site design on a laptop screen

    Goodbye Wordpress Hello Complicated

    Let's be honest. If it's not complicated, it's probably not worth it. Time to upgrade the web site.

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  • two guitar necks with maple and rosewood fingerboards

    Maple vs rosewood board

    Maple vs rosewood fingerboard in another blind A/B test. Can you tell the difference?

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