The official releases, the demos and sessions, both solo and as part of a group.

  • cover for James Bisset Volume 1, featuring James playing guitar in front of twisted and folded rock


    James Bisset Volume 1

    Eight songs performed on Bailey Guitars Acoustic Bliss throughout 2022 and recorded and produced in 2023.

  • James with a big orange guitar rubbing one eye


    The Strange Brew Sessions EP

    Four songs written and performed at Strange Brew Bar, Chorlton, Manchester.

  • album cover showing 4 highly decorated celtic style letters - R A R E



    A compilation of new material and old archive recordings from the seventies by Caedmon.

  • album cover with an illustration of a black feathered chicken


    A Chicken To Hug

    Caedmon re-united in 2008, and started writing and recording again. In 2010 they launched their second album, including two new songs from James.

  • James Bisset and Peter Condor looking thoughtful


    The Jazzrascals EP

    A handful of EDM jams from Peter Condor and I, AKA The Jazzrascals.

  • Excalibur album cover with sword raised out of the lake


    Excalibur: Morgana’s Revenge

    Theme and incidental music in a variety of styles by me and others for the open source game based on the Bungie Marathon game code.

  • Three piece band standing in front of Reel Funk Inc. logo


    Feel The Love demo

    As Reel Funk Inc., Peter Condor and I wrote and recorded dance tunes in the nineties. The unreleased Feel The Love demo featuring Shairon Rodgers was a massive sound.

  • seven piece band pose in front of a wall with Bernie Hot Hot written on it.


    Bernie Hot Hot

    I formed Bernie Hot Hot and the seven piece band recorded a four song session for Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio.

  • Caedmon eponymous album cover showing the band framed with ornate celtic knot work



    I was a member of this college band for 6 years. The eponymous album is now a cult classic. And I’m still a member.