No sleep till bedtime

Oh, and Happy New Year to you too.

I've been debilitated over Christmas and New Year with a deadly combination of chest infection followed by head cold, so although I managed to get up to Edinburgh for the New Year (thanks to the ever gorgeous Ruth doing all the driving and most of the childcare), I didn't do much other than see in the New Year on Blackford Hill and then go back to bed.

Still, between times, I've been installing all the new gear. Today, I got the studio kinda clear and got the iMac G5, the 828 MkII and the M1 monitors all ready to test the new studio setup. But for some reason, every time I switched over the computer audio from Mac built-in and internal speakers to MOTU 828 and monitors - everything went silent.

Bugger! I trawled Google, I trawled the MOTU online FAQ, I trawled the Logic Pro lists, the Apple lists and a couple of others but nothing came up matching my problem. I re-installed software, I sniffed around in the Mac OS X console for system reports... nothing!

After several whiskies and a couple of smokes - I'm sticking to the resolution starting tomorrow - I finally gave up with one last panic choice. I'll replace the MOTU supplied Firewire cable with another one...



Phew! Everything works. Unfortunately, it works at studio monitor volumes. Which is brilliant unless you're working in the backroom studio at 5 oclock in the morning with a wife and 4 kids sleeping nearby.

So I've decided to mark these posts by time as well as date, so we can all see just when the creative - not to mention the problem-solving - urge tends to strike.