Arghh - it's my voice!

As my more devoted readers will confirm, I managed to delete the audio files I'd recorded for 'Keep on', so last weekend I re-recorded the vocals in four passes (I sang the song four times in other words). It's only now that I've had a chance to listen back and decide which bits to keep. Dear God!

I was aware during the retreat that vocal muscles need to be exercised. My singing was rough but just about acceptable after a fortnight of irregular bawling. But a week off and then an afternoon shouting at the mike when you smoke, drink and have sex like I do can deliver some sobering results (unless you're Joss Stone - which is not to say that Joss Stone smokes, drinks or has sex).

And yes, of course having sex affects your vocal chords. It's those grunts. The grunts and the moans. They tend to stress muscles which are not normally used in performance. My advice to ambitious young pop singers - forbear all sexual activity.

Works wonders.

As for me, I'm going to experiment with the pitch correction facility in Logic 7 Pro.