It's the silence... the silence... aargh!

OK - I haven't posted in what... two weeks?

I now I find that I've got a month left before the 50th Anniversary Edition is suddenly history.

Well, I always work better with a deadline anyway, and having invested so much time and effort and money in this thing I'm going to keep going until I'm satisfied that I've done it justice.

Frankly, this blog reveals just how much of a stereotypical man I am - I can only deal with one thing at a time.

When I do think of the 50th Anniversary Edition while I'm working on other projects, I tend to think I can't post until I've got something significant to announce. This is of course, the antithesis of a blog ("blog", abbreviation of "Web Log" - what you're reading now, Mum).

So, in order to treat this blog with the respect it deserves (not to mention yourselves, dear readers) this is what I've been doing in the last two weeks:

  1. Work
  2. Wurk, wurk, wurk, wurk, wurk
  3. - a podcasting site I find myself helping to develop in my spare time
  4. - the current site is weak, and I'm working with the management to create a simple 'publish it yourself' site using Wordpress, whose template we can use for other bands and singers under their 'care' (actually, the management are far more reliable to work with than the musicians).
  5. A dance mix of 'Keep On' using Garageband

Yeah, but what do mean when you say 'Wurk' Mr James '50th Anniversary Edition' Bisset?

Well f'rinstance:

On Friday at lunchtime I got the brief and graphics for an ident (using animation and music) for the next Hotel Caterers Association conference. The job has to be finished and delivered at close of play on Monday. Meanwhile, it's the end of the Easter break for the kids and we're planning to go ten pin bowling followed by a visit to their aunt out in the country complete with sleepover and fun Sunday.

Looks like the 'I'm back' final mixdown will have to wait.

I should have called it 'Just a Minute, I'll be Back'

Damn! And now I've finished the wine...