Wow - is it that easy?

To our collective joy, astonishment and delight, Apple have opened a store in Trafford Park, Manchester.

Yes, 'Designed by Apple in California' (built somewhere else if at all possible) and it's actually here! Even better, we went to the Grand Opening and we've got five 'Trafford Centre (Apple logo)' tee-shirts (XL) to prove it (Designed by Apple in California).

"Hmm... maybe it does look a little big on you, Ruaridh (age 8 )".

Still, we can all wear them when we go camping.

But that's not the good news...

No, by 'eck no! The good news is that we approached the Apple Genius currently lodged behind the Genius Bar to talk about our iMac G5. Amazing! He just concurred all over the place! Yes, it sounded like it wasn't the hard drive at fault. Yes, it must be the logic board. Yes, they would repair it under warranty. Four weeks? We expect a maximum of seven days, sir.

Well alright, he didn't say 'sir', I mean you can't can you, with 'Designed by Apple in California' stamped across the back of your neck.

Frankly, the real hope is that they'll decide that it's cheaper to supply me with a new (faster, thinner, remote controlled, iSight installed) iMac G5 and throw in a two week holiday for five - no, better count Russell and his girlfriend - seven... hmm, what about Mum - eight in Sunny California to compensate for the inconvenience.

Tomorrow, I take the iMac to the Apple Store. In the meantime, ABC (the rest of this text has been deleted under threat of legal action).

Let's just hope that Apple don't have a Help Desk.