Update: too young to blog

I know, it's been ages.

But hey, I've been busy!

Work, as always, gets in the way, and at one or two o'clock in the morning, it's very tempting just to wind down with half an hour of WoW.

Half an hour? HA!

All right, I'll be honest, sometimes it's more than half an hour. But Jazzarian is now a level 47 Paladin, and we've just bought this wicked sword - 45 dps and chance on hit: Protects the caster with a holy shield! Ouch!

Anyway, I've not been totally neglecting the 50th Anniversary Edition.

The studio has been given some 'acoustic treatment'. This technical term is an attempt to distinguish the difference between controlling the way sound bounces around a studio and 'sound-proofing' which just stops the sound getting out. Of course, the more technically minded of you will probably snort at this and sneer that all I've done is staple a bunch of downies (duvets) to the walls and ceiling.

Well, actually, I have stapled a bunch of downies to the wall and ceiling. Snort away. We recently came into some money (I believe the technical term is 're-mortage'), so we bought the kids new bedding and I snaffled the old stuff and nailed it to the walls in here. As a result, the studio now smells like the school gym with the PE teacher at the back smoking a sly fag (Yes - but not like I used to, and I'll stop altogether soon, honest!).

But that's not all ('Oh no, that's not all' - Yes, thankyou Dr Seuss), the bench is carpeted, and the back wall has a couple of rockwool panels to control the bass behind a hanging rug, and everything is covered by white drapes.

So working in here is kinda like working in a technological tent.

Anyway, I made various test recordings as I went along, to see what the changes might be, and I plan to make a podcast to illustrate the difference the whole process has made.

Oh, and one more thing. I've been working on a couple more song ideas.

But meanwhile, I've got to find Marvon Rivetseeker in Tanaris. Apparently he's got important information about The Sunken Temple...