The Lost Weekend

Yup - like households all over the world, we lost a weekend this erm... weekend.

The reason? Harry Potter.

Our copy of the Deathly Hallows arrived on Saturday morning, and the delicious Ruth was lost to me for the rest of the day. I spent the day ferrying food and liquids so that she could read undisturbed. As soon as she finished it, I started, reading late into the night fuelled by vodka and peanuts. In the morning the roles were reversed as she supplied breakfast and then lunch.

And the boys? They were too busy playing WoW to be interested.

Anyway, it wasn't until the middle of Sunday afternoon that I was able to turn my attention back to the mystery of the guitar which muffled.

I have a theory

I had a theory, which I attempted to explain in the last post, that my guitar sounded dull at low volume because the capacitor in my custom wiring was right in the middle of the signal chain. The original reason for this was that my Kent Armstrong bridge pickup (The Screamer) had its second humbucking coil wired to the back end of the tone pot, so that when the tone pot was wide open the humbucking coil was earthed, creating a single coil sound (which meant the wiper had to go straight to earth, leaving only one option for the capacitor).

But with the new JH Exp. Guitar Fetish pickups in place, this wiring was no longer necessary and I was free to apply a new system.

amended wiring schematic

Did it make a difference?

Did it f**k.

Still, i took the opportunity to record the guitar with the Kent Armstrong pickups installed, and then again with the JH Exp pickups installed.

And did they make a difference?

Did they f**k.

Ah well, the good news is, I have a new theory. But that can wait till the next post.