Bad News, Good News

Bad News: I did something very strange to my knee whilst out running three weeks ago. I've been limping ever since.

Good News: Now I've got good reason to resurrect that 'make your own hiking stick' project I started last year.

Good News: Logic Pro 8 looks like being the upgrade I've been waiting for - full of Apple usability improvements. This is pissing off the professionals who've been using the app day in and day out for the past five years. T'was ever thus.

Bad News: The upgrade is processor hungry.

Good News: With the death of my 20in 1.8gHz iMac, the office dual processor 2gHz G5 is now the studio machine, and it hardly raises an eyebrow when Logic kicks off.

Bad News: nine fans! And this machine is now three years old so the fans are getting a bit wheezy. Good thing my hearing is getting worse!

Good News: We heard back from the Clarity and Sparkle Show: they're going to let Fergus have a re-match! We're probably getting the benefit of all these TV and radio competition scandals exposed recently. The show wants to look generous and fair-minded.

Bad News: I'm off to read my 'stickmaking handbook'. You'll have to find something else to read.