2008 readers survey results

A comprehensive readers survey by polling research group 'Justaskem' has discovered that visitors to the James Bisset 50th Anniversary Edition are overwhelmingly in favour of 'More music - less tech!'

The survey was conducted during an unusually quiet period on the Bisset blog, which we can now exclusively reveal was deliberately engineered by the blogmeister himself, in order to allow the pollsters free reign. Rumours that James Bisset had in fact just disappeared up his own arse have been vigorously denied.

"Mmmnn mufffnnn nffffllll", said the fifty-something year old Bisset in a rather awkward telephone interview.

An offficial statement from the James Bisset 50th Anniversary Edition organisation later announced that:

"Whilst the 50th Anniversary Edition was originally planned to produce a full album of songs in a fortnight and has yet to deliver a completed track after three years, our many fans and followers are fascinated by the complex, not to say arcane, process involved in manufacturing the right milieu for a sensitive, creative artiste to produce their best work. Unlike so many investors in pop talent in the music industry today, we absolutely stand by our artist's right to hone relentlessly the tools of his trade. We confidently expect outstanding work in 2006, erm... 2007, erm... 2008."