DD502 review

I was possibly a little unfair in my previous post Drumming for Beginners, which might have given the false impression to the more trusting amongst you that I was actually an excellent drummer with a superb electronic kit.

Neither is quite true. I'm a shite drummer and the kit in question is the ubiquitous DD502, which can be found all over the place under a variety of different brand names. The main thing is - it's cheap.

So to help folk who may be thinking of buying one to learn how to play the drums like I did, I've recorded a short audio clip to demonstrate what it does do, and what it doesn't do. You can find reviews all over the web for this kit, including quite a few on YouTube, but I didn't find any which illustrated the weaknesses as well as the strengths.

For what it's worth, skilled drummers generally don't think much of it, and beginners think it's excellent value for money.

Judge for yourself.

DD502 Review