Podcast tests - results

It wisnae me man!

The reason for the recent flurry of bizarre and meaningless posts is that I'm using a new plugin for Wordpress to handle my podcasts, which goes by the name of Podcasting. The old plugin Podpress worked well enough, but it hasn't been updated in over a year, and doesn't play nice with my very modern version of Wordpress 2.7.

But it ain't working. At first I though it was something to do with the format of the mp3 files I was uploading, which Wordpress resolutely refused to identify as audio/mpeg, hence the flurry of tests. And sorry, but you can't really test publication without erm... publishing.

Anyway, I've been making other tests behind the scenes too, and I can confirm that there ain't nothing wrong with the mp3 files I'm attaching to the posts. The poor developer now has to try and work out what's so funky about my Wordpress install - oops!

Meanwhile, Christmas has crept up, clients are screaming for work to be finished before the holidays, and the kids are looking all sad and forlorn because they're not sure Santa has time to visit this year.

Still, at least the knee operation has been postponed until January.

Update: in the end, there was nothing wrong with the mp3 files, but there was an issue with the server. See Podcast tests - conclusion for the full lowdown.