Bare Knuckle Apache vs Kent Armstrong

Kent Armstrong

Kent Armstrong Vintage (neck), Standard (middle), Screamer (bridge).
I bought these in the nineties and used them happily for years. The Screamer was a humbucker in a single coil cover, with four connectors for custom wiring. Kent Armstrong doesn't make these pickups any more, but he does supply a wide range of pickups through WD Music.

  • DC Resistance: 6.4k neck, 7.2k middle, 14.2k bridge

Kent Armstrong Pickups

Bare Knuckle Apache

  • The calibrated Alnico III magnets are hand-bevelled
  • DC Resistance: 5.6k neck, 5.6k middle, 6.4k bridge
  • Deep bottom end with a bell-like chime in the highs and rich, wide mid range produce a crystal-clear clean tone without ever sounding harsh or thin

Single coil neck

Single coil middle

Single coil bridge


All pickups were tested on a Warmoth 2 piece alder strat body, with a Callaham vintage style tremolo, Warmoth maple neck and rosewood board.

The recordings were made without an amp, speaker or amp simulator. This is not how the pickups would normally sound. These recordings were made only for direct comparison. The tracks toggle back and forth between pickups at every bar.

A B mixer animation

For more information see A/B guitar pickup tests

Which is which?


Kent Armstrong is first (A) and Bare Knuckle Apache is second (B).