Wordpress admin CSS - geek alert!

This is sad.. Really it is.

Ruth has gone out ("Ru-ubee, don't take your love to town"), the kids are asleep and I've got a chance to rewire the guitar, or work through the backlog of tapes, or research cottages for the project... and instead I decide to tweak the stylesheet for the admin area that I use to write this section of the web site.

Any of you with a life may as well bugger off now.

Anyone there?

OK, quickly, before they come back...

Athough I like the Georgia typeface a lot, I don't like it in the Wordpress (1.2.1) blog admin, so I've replaced it with Lucida for the Mac and Verdana for everybody else. I've also tweaked the top menu so it works for me on Safari and Firefox and is a little more elegant.

screenshot of updated admin

This is a stylesheet edit only - no changes to php pages - so if you want to use it yourself, just replace your wp-admin.css with the one supplied below.


Hey! Hi everybody, back already?

Me and the (non-gender specific) guys were just wondering what we'd do if we were left alone in a backroom studio surrounded by guitars and microphones and recording gear and we all agreed that there was nothing better than tweaking a CSS file on the computer.

More wine anybody?

Thanks. Don't mind if I do.