Two songs? Just two unfinished songs?

Well, I've been back a week and rarely had time to do anything. Work has been just a little bit intense...

But I really have to face up to the fact that the point of this project was to go away for two weeks, write seven or eight songs and record them, while the result has been two complete songs partially recorded, and a couple of ideas for two more.

So now what?

Well, there's no point having gone this far to leave what I have done unresolved, so I've decided to finish what I started and do a full arrangement and production number on the two songs I've got. As for the two ideas, we'll see...

This decision is made slightly more complicated by the fact that I managed to delete all the vocals and guitars I'd recorded for 'Keep on'. Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, but how was I to know that all the audio tracks for 'Keep on' were stored in a folder called 'Untitled Project' instead of the 'Keep on' folder! Always look inside folders before deleting them folks.

Anyway, I've been re-recording the guitar parts in odd moments this week, and tomorrow I plan to re-do the vocals. Then I can start working on proper arrangements and production.

In the meantime, here are a couple of snippets (in mp3 format) of the demo recordings made at the end of the two weeks. It'll be interesting to see how much these change when I have a chance to do them properly.

I’m Back clip

Keep On clip

Oh, by the way, so far on the strength of these demos I've been compared to The Proclaimers, Morrissey and Richard Thompson. Probably by people who don't like The Proclaimers, Morrissey or Richard Thompson.

If you want to play the comparison game, you can email me and I'll compile the results.