Just one more thing...

If you could be bothered reading through the full article Distortion in time space continuum I posted in June, you'd have noticed that I've been updating the background music tracks which I wrote in the Nineties for a game based on the Bungie Marathon engine.

So, having re-written, re-arranged and re-produced all the tracks, the project leader only went and asked for a new one in the same style!

Cheeky bugger!

But the rascal wrapped his request in such terms of oleaginous flattery that I couldn't refuse. I would quote him here but modest forbids; suffice to say that apparently music departments in universities across the globe are falling to their knees in awe and wonder.

Anyway, under the circumstances it seemed churlish to protest, so I produced this kinda celtic kinda baroque kinda soul kinda drama kinda thang with rain dripping all the way through (well, it's background music for a game after all).

Lament No.2

in fact, to be honest, i thought the rain was the best thing about it, which is why it drips quietly by itself for the last few seconds of the track.