Holiday break

Yup, I've been on holiday. A short two week break with Ruth and our boys (and sister-in-law and nephew) and that was just in our tent.

Just in case you hadn't guessed, it was a camping holiday, to the same place we go every year, where we team up wih a disparate bunch of folkies who commandeer the camp site and the pub next door.

On more than one occasion, I was asked to perform with my guitar, which request I gracefully declined (NO!) or started singing only to forget the words of my own bloody songs!

The camping was only cut short by 70mph wind and rain, which had us in retreat with a collapsed tent at 2o'clock in the morning and an extreme tide which threatened to sweep the tent, the guitar, the mandolin, the whisky and the children away.

Still, with a regular sleep pattern beginning to assert itself, I began to feel quite creative and started assimilating ideas for the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. Pity I had to come back to a terrifying pile-up of work really.

Anyway, having retrieved the iMac from the cupboard at work I stored it in while I was away, I'm now trying to discover whether the ideas which seemed so excellent on a beach in Scotland actually work in the studio.

More soon...