Valve Studios

I recently finished a site for Outback Music Group; friends of mine who supply a full range of services to independent musicians. The most interesting thing from a 50th Anniversary Edition perspective is that they run a small analogue studio over in Yorkshire. That's right, analogue! While everyone else has been buying into the digital revolution they've been quietly snapping up redundant analogue gear at bargain prices and building a studio round it all - Valve Studios.

And what's that got do with the 50th Anniversary Edition?

Only that, instead of building the site for money, it turns out that I've been building the site for studio time.

Of course whether I'll actually find the time to exploit this opportunity is moot. I still need to write the bloody songs don't I, then arrange them satisfactorily and prepare demos in the home studio before sticking all the gear in the car and driving over to Yorkshire to spend two days worrying about the compression on the kick drum.

On the other hand, if it worked out right, I'd have a sparkling, rich, professional recording that was actually FINISHED!

Meanwhile, after the experience with the Jazzrascals sessions that I wrote about previously, I've started the preparations for re-recording 'I'm Back' from scratch. This time, I plan to make the voice, guitars and bass all play the same chords at the same time, which should improve things slightly.

With any luck, I'll have finished recording the song only a year after starting it.