50th Anniversary Strat

I've been looking through my web stats recently, and noticed some interesting terms used in the search queries which result in people visiting my site. "Sir James Bisset"? "Fiddling Electricity Meter"? Actually, I think I need to research that one myself, because I think Powergen have been fiddling with my electricity meter. I won't bore you with details, but let's just say 'incompetent' and possibly 'bastards'.

But after 'James Bisset' which is kind of obvious, there are a lot of people out there looking for information on '50th Anniversary Strat'. and they keep landing here.

Now, as you know, I built a strat to my own spec to celebrate my fiftieth anniversary as part of the whole Fiftieth Anniversary Project; not least because the strat was conceived the same year that I was born. Unfortunately, Fender had the same idea (sheesh!) and built their own Fiftieth Anniversary Strat.

But it also turns out that one of the most downloaded files on the site is the wiring diagram for my fiftieth anniversary strat.

So, I've killed two birds with one stone by writing up a page covering most of the geeky details on the construction of 'Fergus' (Yup, that's right, my guitars have names). This is not about Fender's Fiftieth Anniversary Strat, it's about my Fiftieth Anniversary Strat.
If you're interested in the construction of the James Bisset Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Strat then here's a page just for you. When I get around to it, I'll be adding sound files too.

James Bisset 50th Anniversary Edition Stratocaster: tech. spec.