Bisset! Report?

Ummhh, ahh, well Sir, I've been very busy in the PHP mySQL class Sir, and she's given us ever such a lot of homework Sir, and a lot of the HTML is very poorly coded and needed fixing if–

"Report Bisset!"

Ah, Yes Sir, erm... well...

  • I've been compiling recordings of the guitar I built in Craft and Technology at different stages of construction to see if all that effort and money made a blind bit of difference. Sir. Mr Graft from Media Studies says I should make a podcast so that other people can hear the difference between Basswood and Alder, or between Hank, Fergus and Dan.
  • I'm building a compressor Sir, to go with the fuzz box I built last year in Physics. It's going to be green with cream knobs and make me sound like Richard Thompson. He's a guitarist, Sir.
  • I think I'm beginning to get the hang of Logic Pro, Sir, and I've been arranging and re-arranging, producing and re-producing the recordings I made for last year's exams. One of the songs is almost finished! I just need to re-record the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the bass, the vocals and the backing vocals and then I can start on the final producti–

"Report Bisset!"

Sorry Sir, Yes Sir. Next Monday Sir.


Yes Sir?

"What in the blazes is a 'podcast'?"