iTunes and podcasts: How to

Time to get my iPod synchronised.

As I'm now a veteran podcaster with four (yup 4!) podcasts under my belt, I though it was time to suss out how to subscribe to podcasts using iTunes and my iPod.

The James Bisset: 50th Anniversary Edition is not listed on iTunes yet, but you can subscribe quite easily by pulling down the advanced menu and selecting 'Subscribe to Podcast...'.

So far so easy, I thought. But every time I attempted to subscribe to the 50th Anniversary Edition, iTunes reported that the 'network connection could not be made'.

After searching around the 'net and finding nothing helpful, I thought I'd check the url I was pasting into iTunes. Well, blow me down with a feather (actually, forget the feather, just blow me) the url that Firefox supplied when clicking on the RSS link and selecting 'copy link location' was:


Now the 'feed:' might be very useful to Firefox, but it was a pain in the arse for iTunes. "" is all that's required.

So, if you're hungry for your '50th Anniversary Edition' podcasts updated automatically once a month just paste this into iTunes: