Mmmmhh mmh mmmhhh

Gagged. I think that's the word.

Ahh, the wonder of the internet and the power of the blog.

About three months ago I wrote here about the experience of getting my iMac repaired after repeated problems with the hard disk. In effect, the articles forced a comparison between the service provided by the Apple dealer which originally supplied the machine and Apple themselves - become incarnate at the Apple Store, Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Well, at the end of last week one of my colleagues contacted ABC Technology Solutions on the phone over an outstanding piece of kit from the original order (the supply being outstanding, not the piece of kit you understand - although I have no reason to believe the performance of the said piece of kit is not outstanding too).

Anyway, the point is that he then came up to my office to inform me that ABC had seen my articles, and rather than being impressed by their size and quality (the usual impression I'm sure you'll agree - stop sniggering, Ruth), they had requested that I remove them within the week or expect legal action.

YES! I hear you cry. At last some action on this bloody 50th Anniversary Project!

Now, I had to do a search for "ABC" within this section of the web site just to find the posts in question, and to my mind they appear only to list events and chronology rather than stream unsubstantiated accusations or abuse.

However, I am not a lawyer.

So do I fight this threat to free speech? Do I stand up for consumer rights - the little guy against the system? Do I buggery! I can't afford it and I have neither the time nor the inclination. I've got web sites to deliver. I've got partners who want to see profits. I've got songs to finish. I've got children to care about. I've got a wife with a voracious sexual appetite to satisfy. I've got dogs to walk and dishes to wash.

Oh, and I've got a funky black 'new shape' Mitsubishi L200 4Life double cab hardtop arriving next week that I have to justify to the environment lobby. But that's another story.

So expect the posts to be edited or removed within the week, as soon as I work out how to do it.

BTW ('By The Way' in internet parlance, Mum), what really fascinates me is how ABC Technology Solutions found the bloody posts in the first place. Anyone who can show me a link via search engines that gets them from ABC Technology Solutions to James Bisset 50th Anniversary Edition will win– erm... Oh I don't know... how about a CD quality final recording of 'I'm Back' within seven days of the winning post complete with a personal message.

There - if that isn't action I don't know what is.