Old enough to know better

Caedmon has been rehearsing around once every three months as we prepare for potential gigs in the spring and a follow on studio session to record the new album.

I have a small problem with this: at my age, I can't remember from one rehearsal to the next what i'm supposed to be playing and worse, I can't even remember how my own songs are supposed to go.

In an effort to get on top of this, I decided to record my Caedmon songs in the 50th Anniversary Studio and work out for once and for all what I'm supposed to be doing.

Of course, what's happened is that so far, I've arranged and produced a 50th Anniversary Edition version of 'Old Enough to Know Better' which will probably bear no relation to the Caedmon 'Acid Folk' version. But then I was always trying to foist muscular funk rock onto Caedmon's fey folky shoulders.

Not much change there then, Jim.

So, here for your amusement is a demo of 'Old Enough to Know Better' as you will probably never hear it again, with strings, horns and thrashing guitars.

Olde Enough to Know Better