So I’m only going to record an album

black coffee splashing out of a mug

Help me create a splash!

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been knocking out new songs over the past year in the seclusion of Chez Bisset. I’ve even been performing them at the virtual Acoustic Bliss. You can see quick n’ dirty demos of most of them in the video section of And now I’ve got at least ten tunes itching to blow my tiny mind!

But modern streaming has rendered the album format irrelevant, I hear you cry. Who listens to an album of fillers when they can extract the best track and add it to a playlist? Instead, goes the theory, just release a steady stream of singles to keep your listeners attentive and your career alive.

Well folks, breaking news: I don’t have a career. I don’t even have any listeners. But if I did, they’d be like me and enjoy immersing themselves in a loosely cohesive body of work with a beginning and a middle and an end; with fast bouncing dance tracks and gentle introspective— who am I kidding, fast bouncing dance tracks and slow bouncing dance tracks.

What’s the album going to be called?

Y’know, I really fancy calling it ‘James Bisset and The Jazzrascals’. I’ll need to drag my partner in funk Mr P. Funkin (AKA Peter Condor) out of retirement to do it, but what a joy that would be!

I can even see the cover (I know it’s virtual - humour me); a kind of Blue Note thing with a duotone photo, mischievous typography and the faintest hint of tartan dividing or boxing the elements.

Write, arrange, perform, record, produce an album?

If you want something doing, do it yourself! Well, I don’t see anyone else rushing in. And anyway, I’ve done it before, as the Strange Brew Sessions EP can attest. But, calling the album James Bisset and the Jazzrascals does leave the possibility of being able to feature guests. Let’s face it, my drumming technique is pretty basic. Anyone got Sheila E’s number?

You can’t afford it

Aye, there’s the nub (Pub? Grub? This line rings a bell...). And so I’ve signed up to If you want to give me a wee boost in the right direction, now you can! Just click on the Buy Me A Coffee buttons anywhere on this site.

I’m setting up a membership deal as well. So if you want to get regular updates, hear demos and see artwork and photos of the work in progress, now’s your chance!

I’ve called the membership tier ‘Plain Biscuit’ only because it gives me the chance of adding ‘Fancy Biscuit’ at a later date. But I’m not comfortable with the idea of money buying privilege, so it probably won’t happen.

Still, who doesn’t want a fancy biscuit!

If you disagree, or want to pitch in any other ideas, please comment below.

Me? I’m busy. I’ve got an album to make!