I'm back - flat on my back...

Following the brief discussion with Sam on the back of the two unfinished songs post, I decided to publish what I've done so far with 'I'm Back'. Consider it a first draft while I get my head round what I'm trying to achieve here and how to get Logic Pro to co-operate.

I’m Back rev.4

I've tweaked the snare slightly to add more of the oomph which Sam thought was lacking, and of course there are a whole lot of other instruments, as well as (very poor) backing vocals.

I've also started experimenting with the Logic mastering presets. The presets are packed with a positive plethora ("What ees a plethora?" Hurrah for the Three Amigos) of compressors, expanders, limiters and EQ and most of them seemed a bit over the top to my ears. Still what do I know.

I'm Back (first draft) was mastered with the rock (wide) setting and sounds a bit harsh and toppy - but of course it also makes the un-mastered version sound lifeless. I suppose I'm just going to have to learn a bit more about mastering.