Don't shoot the piano player

Today I bought a MOTU 828 Mark II and a pair of Alesis Monitor Ones.

I don't have time anymore to collate review after review and decide months in advance exactly what kit will deliver at the right price. I also have a credit card, which makes it painfully easy to say "I'll have one of those and two of those and..". So, in the end I've chosen the safe options.

The software i'm less sure about. I use Macs (quaintly called 'AppleMacs' in the PC world - I mean who else makes Macs?) so I threw my hat in earlier this year and bought Logic Express 6 - despite having used Steinberg software since Steinberg Pro 24 on my Atari.

Today it made sense to upgrade from v6 to v7, so I bought the upgrade for 69 quid. But even as I was making the purchase, the guy selling the gear was telling me that he had the upgrade package for Express 6 to Pro 7.

Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone. 'What's the difference?', thought I. I only want to record some acoustic instruments, electric guitar, voice and sequenced bass, electric piano and drums. Still, I did a bit of research, and discoverd that Logic 7 Express doesn't include the Electric Piano from Logic 6 Express.

Shite! I haven't even started rehearsals and one of the band members has left.

So now it looks like I'm going to replace the Logic Express upgrade with a Logic Pro upgrade. It's only a 390 quid difference and it includes 'everything'...

Back to the studio...

"Woah - calm down guys!"

"Who said the piano player's getting more money than you? Let me explain..."