Techno Techno

Well, things have moved on since I last posted under this category. i've drubk a lot more winde for a start.

My current set-up is as follows:

  • Mac G4 400mhz (5 years old)
  • Logic Express 6
  • M-Audio USB Audiophile
  • 30 quid speakers fron Costco

On the basis that Garbage In = Garbage Out, I'd like to replace the M-Audio Audiophile with a MOTU 828 mark II. It's not the best, but it looks like being the best for the money. If I upgrade the quality of the sound going in, I ought to upgrade the quality of the software processing it - which means Logic 7 Express or Pro. But then I'll need a new machine to cope with the extra processing demands - an iMac G5 looks like the cost-effective solution. And whoever mastered an album on 30 quid speakers from Costco?

So the projected set-up is:

  • iMac G5 - 20inch screen 1gig ram
  • Logic 7
  • MOTU 828 II
  • Alesis M1 active monitors

I'll leave you to do the sums, but if any journalists get hold of the recordings, I can guarantee that the copy they generate will include the words 'bedroom' and 'next to nothing'.

Journalists? Pah!