• 200727September

    Bad News, Good News

    Every cloud has a silver lining.

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  • 200704September

    No change there then...

    A holiday break culminates in my return to a broken iMac. So what is the good news?

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  • 200724June

    Bloody kids

    And this is why you should never allow your children to bring their friends into your studio in your absence. It's not as if it's made of tissue paper either.

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  • 200628October

    It's only a game Dad

    As my avid readers know, the hub of the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition is a 20" 1.8 gHz iMac, which takes pride of place in the studio.

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  • 200607July

    Stopping smoking

    Yup. I've stopped smoking.

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  • 200620June


    In February I wrote about the search terms that lead people to this site. One of them oddly, seems to be 'fiddling electricity meter'.

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  • 200620March

    Mmmmhh mmh mmmhhh

    Gagged. I think that's the word.

    Ahh, the wonder of the internet and the power of the blog.

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  • 200509December

    Jazzrascals are back!

    Yup. I've had enough of this lonely existence, working in a vacuum with half finished songs, alien software and enough self-doubt to paralyse George Bush.

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  • 200516November

    Mad for Mods

    So while I wait for the results of extensive tests on the iMac G5, I'm working on the office eMac which I brought home for the interim.

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  • 200505November

    Here's Jimmy!

    OK, so I've just watched 'The Shining' for the first time.

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