• 200409November

    Please see my lawyer

    So, the project will mean writing, recording and publishing songs...

    The question remains, how do I distribute the material without some shifty bastard coming along and ripping me off?

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  • 200408November

    Feel the Love (don't stop)

    Writing the bio has been educational, not to say traumatic.

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  • 200406November

    Nitro-cellulose - Mmmmmm

    Rather than the usual method of using decals on the headstock of the guitar, I used a 'rubdown' - which is the same technology that Letraset originally built their fortune on.

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  • 200406November

    To do to do to dey

    Time creeps on apace etc...

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  • 200405November

    Jazzrascals go down easy

    Having said in the bio that the Jazzrascals site didn't conform to the usual accessibility expectations, I realised it was time to do something about it. So I've done a quick rebuild.

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  • 200403November

    Confirmed - I hate soldering guitars

    I managed to suss out what was wrong with the wiring in the guitar. One wire soldered to the wrong tag on a pot. It worked fine, just not quite the way I wanted it to.

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  • 200402November

    The web site is ready

    I've said what I need to say - the project should be clear enough now.

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  • 200430October

    Still testing the blog

    Well, I really need to sort out the comment stuff now

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  • 200429October

    The site is almost ready

    Soon there will be no more excuse for procrastination. I just need to finish styling the blog and fix that pesky right hand menu which has disappeared way down there.

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  • 200408October

    So Logic 7 is now out

    And I need to decide whether the guitar amp simulation is worth the upgrade from Logic Express 6 .

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