• 200525February

    Hey - let's comment!

    Yup - with the installation of Wordpress 1.5 up and running I've enabled comments again.

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  • 200524February

    Oops - navigation screwed

    As a last step before climbing into bed with the wonderful (if snoring) Ruth I just checked my web stats and noticed that some of you were having difficulty getting access to some of the pages on t

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  • 200524February

    Arghh - it's my voice!

    As my more devoted readers will confirm, I managed to delete the audio files I'd recorded for 'Keep on', so last weekend I re-recorded the vocals in four passes (I sang the song four times in other

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  • 200521February

    Upgrading the blog

    I'm in the process of upgrading the Progress section of the site (alright, the blog) to Wordpress 1.5 which should allow you to join in and make comments when you see fit.

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  • 200512February

    Two songs? Just two unfinished songs?

    Well, I've been back a week and rarely had time to do anything. Work has been just a little bit intense...

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  • 200522January

    And so it begins...

    The project starts today.

    I've got the bass back from Manchesterguitartech with a new nut (what a distinctive sound is a fretless Jazz bass) so I'm packing the car and away.

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  • 200519January

    Grandpa's violin in rock shock

    I inherited my grandfather's violin years ago (you can read about the experience in the bio) and it's been sitting under the desk here for about a decade untouched.

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  • 200518January

    Caedmon is peer to peer!

    Now is that a vote of confidence or wot!

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  • 200517January

    Bass is almost ready, but...

    The Fuzz Box is staring me in the face.

    Unfortunately, I have to put my spectacles on to see what it's trying to say.

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  • 200514January

    'Feel the Love' - At last the real story!

    Hey, guess what happens when you announce that your business will be closed for two weeks?

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