• 200524November

    Wow - is it that easy?

    To our collective joy, astonishment and delight, Apple have opened a store in Trafford Park, Manchester.

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  • 200523November


    Yup - it looks like the iMac G5 is F****d Up Beyond All Recogition (just in case my mum doesn't know what FUBAR means).

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  • 200516November

    Mad for Mods

    So while I wait for the results of extensive tests on the iMac G5, I'm working on the office eMac which I brought home for the interim.

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  • 200505November

    Sheer Poetry

    One of the sites I've been developing while I should have been working on the 50th Anniversary Edition, is

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  • 200505November

    Here's Jimmy!

    OK, so I've just watched 'The Shining' for the first time.

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  • 200509September

    Our Allotment

    By the way, did I tell you that we (the Bisset Family) just got ourselves an Allotment?

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  • 200503September

    Never start at the beginning

    The whole idea behind the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition was to create an album, and as soon as it was written, I saw 'I'm back' as being the first song on the potential CD.

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  • 200501September

    Holiday break

    Yup, I've been on holiday. A short two week break with Ruth and our boys (and sister-in-law and nephew) and that was just in our tent.

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  • 200530July

    What's on your iPod Jim?

    So I bought an iPod for my birthday, and chose to get the grand-daddy 60gig iPod photo - hey it all goes on the never-never and my kids can always pay it back.

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  • 200524July

    A/B those drums (2)

    After yesterday's revelations, I've been tweaking my drum kit to try and match the recorded sound of Will Champion or John Bonham.

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