• 200504January

    No sleep till bedtime

    Oh, and Happy New Year to you too.

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  • 200424December

    The iMac G5 has arrived

    Well actually, it arrived yesterday and came complete with one horizontal line of dead pixels across the lower third of the screen.

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  • 200422December

    Bits and pieces

    The fuzz box kit has arrived. My first thought is that I'll have to paint it yellow in honour of my old Tonebender, and design a 'HIT IT!' graphic to ornament the footswitch.

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  • 200418December

    Don't shoot the piano player

    Today I bought a MOTU 828 Mark II and a pair of Alesis Monitor Ones.

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  • 200416December

    The sound of deadlines whooshing by overhead

    So I've bookmarked some cottages that looked like good options for the project and made enquiries about availability early next year.

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  • 200408December


    Well the good news is that I've identified a few cottages which are basically miles from anywhere and about 2 to 3 hours drive from Manchester.

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  • 200415November

    Dig the archives (and weep)

    I started this project to celebrate my 50th year and do something definitive with all those years of experience. Then it became obvious that I needed to explain what exactly that experience was.

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  • 200412November

    Nuts held by UPS!!!

    I bought my nuts and files from Warmoth in the States, who previously supplied the body, neck and bridge for my guitar.

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  • 200406November

    To do to do to dey

    Time creeps on apace etc...

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  • 200405November

    Jazzrascals go down easy

    Having said in the bio that the Jazzrascals site didn't conform to the usual accessibility expectations, I realised it was time to do something about it. So I've done a quick rebuild.

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