• 201018April

    Oh bugger!

    At the last step in the Dan Armstrong refinish, and everything goes pear-shaped. Just my luck.

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  • 201023March

    A brace of Dan Armstrong (London) guitars

    My lonely Dan Armstrong guitar finally finds a long lost relative, and although my Dan is the feisty younger sibling they still share the same terrible flaw.

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  • 201003March

    Dan Armstrong (London) Refinish

    The Dan Armstrong (London) refinish continues, but stripping away the years reveals a couple of worrying littles.

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  • 201015February

    Dan Armstrong (London) serial numbers

    I've decided to revive my Dan Armstrong (London) guitar. But as I strip away the years of detritus, I’m suddenly puzzled. When was it really made?

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  • 201013February

    Caedmon gigs, Edinburgh, May 2010

    Yup. I'm gigging again with Caedmon. Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland. 7-8 May 2010

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  • 201013January

    Old enough to know better

    In an effort to remember what I'm supposed to be playing for Caedmon's Return, I've taken to arranging and recording demos in my own studio. And here's 'Old Enough to Know Better'.

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  • 201009January

    Snow Leopard 10.6 and 'connection failed' fix

    Any attempt to access my Macbook Pro on a network resulted in the message 'connection failed'. But the Geniuses at the Trafford Centre Apple Store finally fixed it with the tick of single checkbox.

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  • 200928November

    You gotta swing both ways

    Learning to drum is teaching me the importance of both left hand and right hand in playing musical instruments. And maybe it can change your personality too.

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  • 200906November

    Get posting you twit!

    From Caedmon songs to Twitter via pedal boards and guitar pickups, a general review and update.

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  • 200902July

    Balance in all things

    The knee saga continues. It would appear that I have Arthritis, but with careful management and exercise I can live a rich and fulfilling life. Just stay away from the wobble board.

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