• 200620March

    Mmmmhh mmh mmmhhh

    Gagged. I think that's the word.

    Ahh, the wonder of the internet and the power of the blog.

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  • 200604March

    Basswood versus Alder

    Yup. I got around to it.

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  • 200627February

    50th Anniversary Strat

    I've been looking through my web stats recently, and noticed some interesting terms used in the search queries which result in people visiting my site. "Sir James Bisset"?

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  • 200625February

    Monitors, production and... (sigh)

    I continue to be snowed under with work.

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  • 200608February

    Bisset! Report?

    Ummhh, ahh, well Sir, I've been very busy in the PHP mySQL class Sir, and she's given us ever such a lot of homework Sir, and a lot of the HTML is very poorly coded and needed fixing if–

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  • 200619January

    Bernie Hot Hot

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

    Bernie Hot Hot was the name of the band I formed in 1987, and of all the bands I've joined or formed, it was the band most likely to etc.

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  • 200609January

    It's another podcast baby!

    Yup, the second podcast from the 50th Anniversary Edition. It's got an intro and a backing track and everything: all I need now is a personality!

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  • 200524December

    Valve Studios

    I recently finished a site for Outback Music Group; friends of mine who supply a full range of services to independent musicians.

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  • 200523December

    Move over Nedpodder!

    Hah! My first podcast is waiting for you...

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  • 200509December

    Jazzrascals are back!

    Yup. I've had enough of this lonely existence, working in a vacuum with half finished songs, alien software and enough self-doubt to paralyse George Bush.

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