• 200625February

    Monitors, production and... (sigh)

    I continue to be snowed under with work.

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  • 200608February

    Bisset! Report?

    Ummhh, ahh, well Sir, I've been very busy in the PHP mySQL class Sir, and she's given us ever such a lot of homework Sir, and a lot of the HTML is very poorly coded and needed fixing if–

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  • 200619January

    Bernie Hot Hot

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

    Bernie Hot Hot was the name of the band I formed in 1987, and of all the bands I've joined or formed, it was the band most likely to etc.

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  • 200609January

    It's another podcast baby!

    Yup, the second podcast from the 50th Anniversary Edition. It's got an intro and a backing track and everything: all I need now is a personality!

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  • 200524December

    Valve Studios

    I recently finished a site for Outback Music Group; friends of mine who supply a full range of services to independent musicians.

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  • 200523December

    Move over Nedpodder!

    Hah! My first podcast is waiting for you...

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  • 200509December

    Jazzrascals are back!

    Yup. I've had enough of this lonely existence, working in a vacuum with half finished songs, alien software and enough self-doubt to paralyse George Bush.

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  • 200509December

    Apple Store - too fast to blog!

    So, on Friday the 25th of November, I took my iMac to the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

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  • 200524November

    Wow - is it that easy?

    To our collective joy, astonishment and delight, Apple have opened a store in Trafford Park, Manchester.

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  • 200523November


    Yup - it looks like the iMac G5 is F****d Up Beyond All Recogition (just in case my mum doesn't know what FUBAR means).

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